Meet the Staff



Steampunk is one of our older writers. He writes in an forlorn, yet oddly paced style, but still manages to swiftly bring each story to an exciting cliffhanger at the end. Right now he is working on Torrado and Ghostcatcher.


Drudgery is a new writer, brought in to work on the first issue of Zue as well as the second issue of Torrado. Drudgery likes to keep the story moving forward at a fast pace, while letting the characters' individual personalities shine through.




Ivory Ink has a distinct style of black and white, with blur and elements added. He also likes to color the main character's eyes, so that they seem to pop off the page. Ivory draws with a pencil, and scans in the pencils and darkens them, adding shading with a marker later, creating a sketchy feel. He feels more comfortable with wide angles and close ups. Ivory is now working as the main story artist for Torrado.



Drawn likes to draw small, with a pen, for short and sketchy drawings in black and white. He often does one or two page stories, yet each one is distinct. He likes small panels, which he feels add to his minimalist style. Drawn works far away, and prefers you to see the entire character, only going in for a wide angle if necessary. You can find his work in Zue.



Dusky draws in pencil and then adds shading in marker, and his work is extreme black and white, with barely any grays. Dusky works in distance, wide and close up, and is a fan of the "dutch tilt" effect, which gives his work an off-balance feel. He is the main story artist on Zue.



Retroman is the only color artist here, besides Spring, and he works in pencil, adding color in the computer. Over the color, he puts a soft grainy effect, which makes his art look a little more grounded. He works in wide angles and long distance to give his art a cinematic feel, as well as using digital effects like blur often. You can see his work in Torrado and Bone Bandit!



Linus works in the classic style of sketchy pen with marker shading in black and white, but brings something new to it by coloring in important panels. His panel layout is smaller then most of the artists pictured here, using an 60s style of layout. He works in multiple angles, switching between them often to give his art "dramatic motion". Linus is the main story artist for Bone Bandit.


[picture coming soon]


Spring works in colored pen with marker shading, with crisp, clean lines. He is an apprentice artist. He likes to work in wide and close up shots. Spring is one of the artists working on Ghostcatcher.