Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Some Changes

We have changed our comics line-up somewhat in the past few months. Here is the official list of changes, some new, some old.


Our only series with a comic out so far, Torrado has undergone a few changes since the first issue's release, the most noticeable of which is COLOR! Yes, Torrado#2 will be in full, glorious color. This, understandably, makes the time period between pages longer, so the new issue will take longer then normal. But, we assure you it's worth it.


Ghostcatcher has been put on hold until we can find a better plot for it and outline the story arcs properly. Until then, the most we can say is that it'll be in color as well.


Bone Bandit has been turned into a volume of stories and will therefore take longer. Also, Bone Bandit's story is being revised, and so is the art style.


Zue was about 20% complete until we recently decided that we needed a darker feel to the story and a new, compelling art style. That's why we've updated the cover art and will also be working on new plot outlines, as well as a few new character designs.

-- [obliterated].